11th October 2019

How to make a classic engagement ring design unique to you…

There is a reason why the most popular style of engagement rings are the classics – simple yet elegant designs with beautiful stones, that will certainly stand the test of time. After all, this is a ring to be worn everyday for the rest of your life. Whilst we adore this style of ring, we also know it can be really important to feel like your ring is truly ‘yours’ by adding a touch of uniqueness to the ring, something that makes it a little different.

Our clients love our hidden letters; teeny tiny initials of the happy couple that are hand carved into the metalwork. Most people wouldn’t even know they were there, unless pointed out, which is how we think they should be – subtle, understated and yet very personal.¬†Sometimes they are just a couple of millimetres in size, but the precision with which they are made in the workshop is just incredible; craftsmanship at its finest.

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in LondonOctavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London

Another way to make the ring unique is to create distinction in the design. In the above ring, that we created this summer, as well as the hidden letters (which are matte gold, instead of polished), we also made the band totally round, almost tube-like, which created a really tactile band – it will look amazing with a similarly tube-like wedding ring! We also sculpted the prongs into a point, rather than the usual more curved style, creating another point of difference.

Hand engraving is a quick and easy way to add some personalisation – a simple date or a message on the inside of the band can be really effective and special.

All our wedding bands come with hand engraved dates on the inside of the band as standard (assuming they are able to be engraved). Also it’s a handy reminder of the anniversary date after many happy years of marriage!

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London

There are many other subtle (and not so subtle, if desired!) ways to make your ring unique. We love creating textural alternatives to polishing the metal Рsandblasting, hammered or a satin finish can transform a design. Another favourite is embellishing the underside of the ring or the inside of your band with stones (potentially birthstones).

If you’re looking to create an engagement ring with a unique flare, don’t hesitate to get in touch ¬†– the options are endless!

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London