Octavia believes that jewellery deserves more than to sit unworn in a safe or jewellery box so often breathes new life into little worn pieces by remodelling them.

This can involve a complete redesign around original stones to just simply tweaking the current design to give it a new lease of life. Where possible the existing metal can be used in the new design to retain as much sentimental value as possible.

Remodelling a piece is a really special way to enjoy wearing a sentimental piece in a style that suits the new owner.

Emerald art deco ring

An emerald centre stone surrounded by baguette and round diamonds. My client was given an emerald ring by her mother and although she loved it, she wanted it chunkier and to be set in 18ct yellow gold with an art deco feel. The final result is fabulous!

Opal bead bangle

A bangle with a centre cluster of opal beads, an emerald and diamonds, set in 18ct yellow gold. The opal beads were once in an unworn brooch and are now re homed and re loved!

Sapphire and diamond ring

An engagement ring created using stones that used to be in a pendant. The centre sapphire is a unique shape, so we created a focus on it with a clean rubover setting – it is flanked with a trio of diamonds either side, set in yellow gold.

Blue Topaz Ring

An oval blue topaz set landscape, with cognac diamonds scattered around the stone, set in 18ct yellow gold.

Circle gemstone pendant

A yellow gold circular pendant set with a selection of bezel set gemstones my client already had and a scattering of diamonds in between, on a yellow gold trace chain.

Snake ring

An 18ct yellow gold chunky snake ring, with a white gold streak, and two diamond eyes – the diamonds used to be in an unworn inherited brooch.

Diamond ‘bubble’ ring

This ring was created using diamonds from many pieces of inherited jewels; setting the mismatched diamonds in a random formation, in 18ct yellow gold.

Emerald and diamond halo ring

An oval emerald stone with a halo of diamonds; this is a remodelled engagement ring which had been well loved but needed a new emerald and a new setting. We kept the stones in the same formation and set them in a modern, 18ct yellow gold bezel setting.

Emerald and diamond pinky ring

A pinky ring created using stones from my clients Granny’s jewels. It’s a modern, very wearable ring, whilst fusing elements from the inherited pieces to retain the sentimentality.

Signet rings

A pair of matching signet rings for a father and son, hand engraved with their family crest. The ring on the right includes the metal from my clients late wife’s wedding band.

Oval white sapphire ring

An oval White Sapphire spun round and redesigned into a chunkier yellow gold half bezel setting – a family stone in a new home.

Diamond earring and pendant set

Previously an inherited but unworn 5 stone brooch, converted into a solitaire pendant and a pair of double Diamond studs; both to be worn easily everyday.

Medical bracelet

This medical bracelet was a first for us. A platinum bracelet, with the medical sign in vibrant red enamel on a disc, with a slim 0.7mm sapphire crystal laid on top to protect it, with a halo of Diamonds. On the reverse of the disc is the medical details needed in an emergency.

Sapphire and diamond wide ring

A Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring, set in textured platinum, with pave diamond sides. A modern take on a classic design.

Diamond and sapphire 4 row band

A wide domed four band Diamond and Sapphire ring set in 18ct yellow gold, remodelled from two unworn rings to create one spectacular ring.

Pale sapphire and diamond ring

A new pale Sapphire with Diamond side stones set in platinum – one diamond from my clients own engagement ring and the other one from an inherited ring, they both just happened to match perfectly!

Chunky bangle

A chunky 18ct yellow gold bangle, set with some old stones that were previously sitting unworn in earrings.

Citrine and diamond ring

A Citrine and Diamond ring – these stones were previously sitting in an unworn brooch, so we polished them up and redesigned them into a very wearable ring.

Marquise and sapphire art deco ring

An art deco style ring, with a family marquise diamond in the centre, with hand cut tapered sapphires and diamonds, set in platinum.

Yellow gold and diamond necklace

An 18ct yellow gold necklace, set with randomly scattered diamonds. Some of the diamonds are from an old unworn necklace, with a few new ones added in to give a variety of sizes. Worn on a shorter than normal chain so it’s more like a longer choker!

Sapphire and diamond ring

An engagement ring with an old family cushion cut Sapphire between two brilliant Diamonds, set in 18ct yellow gold.

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London
Floating diamonds ring

A ‘bubbles’ style ring, with 15 diamonds taken from 3 inherited and unworn rings and transformed into this unique ring with floating diamonds.

Pair of sapphire and diamond pendants

Remodelled from an old engagement ring, these matching necklaces each feature a landscape set oval Sapphire and spectacle set Diamonds in the chain.

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London
Emerald cut emerald and diamond ring

A remodelled emerald and diamond engagement ring, using the stones from 2 other unworn rings and the engraved shank from the original engagement ring to retain the sentimentality.

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London
Sapphire and diamond halo earrings

We revitalised these Sapphire and Diamond earrings, that were in a dated yellow gold setting by converting them into a modern rubover 18ct white gold setting. Although the wearer prefers white metal, she cannot wear it in her ears so the reverse side is yellow gold for comfort.

Octavia Jewellery | Bespoke fine jewellery | Based in London
Aquamarine and diamond pendant

This Aquamarine was previously sitting unworn in a brooch shaped like a spider. We transformed it by adding a diamond and setting it in an 18ct white gold rubover setting to create an easy everyday piece, where the Aquamarine is still the main event.

Engagement ring
Five stone diamond ring

A five stone diamond engagement ring, reworked from 2 family rings and set in 18ct yellow gold, with hidden ‘B’ and ‘W’ initials in the metalwork